November 05, 2013

Light tips. How to light a subject with pronounced chin

Every subject is different and has different characteristics, that's why we have to light every subject with different light: lighting is a powerful tool to hide or enhance features in a portrait. Here are some tips about how to light a subject with pronounced chin.

Do not use a strong Key Light: it will produce strong shadows enhancing the size of the chin.

Do not use side Rim Light: it will highlight the chin.

Do not use wide angle lenses: it will distort the relative proportion making the chin look even bigger.

Do use a low Key Light: the lower the Key light the less the chin will produce shadows. Shadows are subconsciously linked to object's size, that's why we have to minimize them if we don't want something to look big. For the same reason placing the Key Light frontal will help.

Do shadow the area: if it is possible, let the chin to fall into shadows to hide it. Another solution may be softening the light on the chin.

Hope you find it useful! Stay tuned for more lighting tips!

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