May 12, 2013

A brand new blog about light, photography and cinematography is born

Fiat Lux!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I'm Donatello, a professional photographer and cinematographer actually living in Barcelona.

This blog will focus on light in all its forms and use in photography, as well as in cinematography, and will go through different light techniques because mastering light is important in visual art: light is what shapes objects, gives them form or texture, makes them three-dimensional, and endows them with feelings and moods. I don't shoot subjects, I shoot light.

A Lux (which means light in Latin) is the unit of illuminance, a way of measuring light and its intensity: it measures the quantity of the energy passing through a surface or hitting it. One thousand lux is the average illuminance of a surface illuminated by an overcast day or a typical Tv studio light setting.

My aim with this blog is to share with you my knowledge about light and photography: I'll explain photos through its light setting, how to light different subjects, how to use the power of natural light, how exposure works but also I will be writing about film developing and RAW processing techniques, tips for photography and video, I will analyze movies focusing only on the cinematography aspect and lots of more stuff.
So keep reading!

Bye for now, May the good light be with you!

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