January 31, 2015

Olympus OM1 and Kodak film test

I recently bought an Olympus OM1; I am not "downgrading" from Medium Format, not at all, but I needed a light camera to carry on holidays or week-end-trips and bought this jewel from Olympus. Light and efficient, it is really quick to handle for shooting, and the 50mm 2.8 lens I have been doing these tests with is just gorgeous with a clean high resolution and organic image. 

I have been made some tests with different films (both in black and white and in colour) and different times in developing the films. I like best the results from Kodak Tmaxx 400 (the one I normally use on Medium Format, the two pics on the top) and Kodak TX 400 (the 2 pics below). 

But the most I used it the most I liked the heavy grain of the latter, in my opinion is the perfect combination with the lens, the chemicals and developing time I use and the style of my photography. And you? Which one do you like best?

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