June 21, 2013

Behind the scenes of a fashion shooting in Barcelona. How it is prepared.

When I prepare a shooting I like to have meetings with all the team so everyone know what it is about and what my idea is, I tell them what I want and hear suggestions that can make the idea go a step further. We create the shooting together. This way everyone will feel more involved and motivated and the work during session will flow smoothly. I firmly believe that the most important aspect of every kind of shooting is communication.

9:00 All the team meet at the chosen studio in the centre of Barcelona.

9:30 Laura, the model, is with the MUA. Normally I would be there, talking to her and explaining the idea of the shooting, the poses I want, etc. But this time I had the opportunity to meet her before the shooting so we already went trough the mood-board and had a long talk which helped the model to feel comfortable during the shooting.

9:45 The stylist prepares dress and props, I help my assistant to set up the lights.  Every now and then I pop in the make-up room to have few words with Laura to maintain the complicity we built.

10:30 I load the films into the backs of my camera; we shooting on Kodak Portra on a medium Format camera. My assistant cleans the lenses we will be using.

10:45 Laura is almost ready.  Checking  last details before start shooting.

10:50 I meter the light to be sure the exposure is the one I want, meanwhile I keep talking to Laura and remind her the mood she has to express in this shot

10:54 I take some polaroids to check that light and shadows are the ones I was after. I also study them looking for what doesn't work and correct it.

11:02 Ready to shoot! I take 5 or 6 photos with little differences in pose and then we change dresses, set and lights starting all over again.

18:00 The session is over. We had 6 changes for dresses, make up, hair style and set. Every one is tired, it was quite hard, but it isn't over for me: I can't wait to get to the studio and start developing the film rolls with the C41 process.

Do you want to know the result of this shooting? Stay tuned then!

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